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Emotion based bespoke digital learning solutions that ensure high retention level.

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Our emotion based custom eLearning content development helps retention of knowledge & produces long-term sustainable action.

In this fast changing world where human behaviour are changing every now and then Digital Learning is becoming paramount to the education today. Today Learning and development is not moving towards digital, it is digital.

At IdeaptDigital we understand the power of right knowledge at the right time. Organisations now understand that only a LMS full of videos, ppts, or pdfs are not going to solve the problem of operationally ready, effective, knowledgeable and well trained people.

IdeaptDigital partners with organisations to build bespoke digital learning assets to create a lifelong adaptive learning environment. When you partner with us we not only deliver effective learning solutions with high ROI, we educate you on the process.

People-centricity is the most powerful tool when implementing eLearning.

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Group Collaborative Learning encompasses classroom type format in the presence of a facilitator or an instructor. In this model of learning, the content itself plays the role of the SMEs. For better learning engagement, activities like role play exercises, real life scenarios would be discussed as part of the learning model. The learning would be followed by a lesson end assessment to gauge the proficiency of the learners.

Group learning motivates the learners to constantly challenge themselves to perform much better than before rather than indulging in competition with others. Studies have suggested that group collaborative learning is highly effective and includes high level interactive elements.


Features & Benefits:
  • Story & Scenario based learning
  • Interactive games
  • Increased retention level of the learners
  • Simulation & Practice Sessions
  • Role Play Exercises
  • Learning by Doing
  • Interactive learning
  • Fun & interactive experience

Self paced learning can be imparted to a group of learners even at diverse locations. In today’s fast paced lives on-demand self learning is the most effective learning format as it ensures anywhere anytime learning. The self paced learning contents are designed to grab the attention span of the learner in a way that helps in retaining the knowledge and produces long term sustainable action.


Features & Benefits:
  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • More knowledge retention
  • Eliminates the need of schedules
  • Suitable for different learning styles
  • Lower training costs
  • Higher engagement

We are living in the era of light speed where we prefer doing everything on the go. The learning can be spontaneous and is an integral part of the modern learning strategies. Unlike laptops, mobile is more handy. Whether you are on a vacation or travelling, accessing a mobile is far easier than the later. Mobile content is more engaging and proves to be better training solutions to increase the retention level of the learners.


Features & Benefits:
  • Engaging course content
  • Learning on the Go
  • Lower training costs
  • Easy navigation
  • Interactive & Collaborative

Simulation and games help to break the monotonous feeling that gets built up in the learning process. It sets a virtual environment thereby encouraging the learners to improve their decision making and problem solving capabilities. Experimenting with your learning will help you explore and experience newer possibilities with higher retention rates impacting learners’ action.


Features & Benefits:
  • Boosts Critical Skills
  • Eliminates Risks
  • Experience Real Life Scenarios
  • Increased Learner Retention
  • Fun & Engaging


Over the years, it has been proved that pull-learning is much more effective than push-learning. Bite sized standalone mini learning are usually developed in the form of key pointers or lesson takeaways. These learning formats usually range between 5 to 10 minutes and the assessments are often categorised as videos, quizzes, etc. These are easier to develop and the retention level is also very high. This modern age generation of unlimited scroll is the rightful audience of learning nuggets.


Features & Benefits:
  • Learner-centric
  • Accessible
  • Short Learning Sessions
  • Rich media
  • Less time consuming
  • Lesser information load
  • Videos in Real Time

Today’s new age organizations are multi-cultured and diversely spread across the globe. Not only are the employees of the organization but also their clients and users are demographically located across various time zones having an entirely separate language. Thus, translation and localization services help in bringing them under one roof.


Features & Benefits:
  • Eliminates language barrier
  • Time & Cost savings
  • Increased trust
  • Stronger brand consistency
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Localization improves understanding
  • Work With Expert Translators

Learning is much more than text, videos or images, learning is strategy and emotion. At IdeaptDigital, we work with the organization to design and implement effective and engaging learning solutions by maximizing the retention level of the learner. We work closely with the organisations to Dig, Define, Develop & Deploy learning assets with high ROI.


Features & Benefits:
  • Effective learning strategy
  • Implementation of learning solutions
  • Aligns With Training Objectives
  • Enhances eLearning ROI
  • Insink with the organizational goals

The content that we create is aimed at:

Induction Training:

Make employees aware of the organization’s mission, vision and policies.

Workplace Safety Training:

The provision of emergency preparedness training to employees and the development of decision-making skills.

Sales Training:

A capacity-building program or upskilling program can be beneficial to organizations across all industries.

Soft Skills Training:

Enhancing customer service by empowering people in the service industry

Product Knowledge Training:

Communicating product information in a way that engages all stakeholders

Train The Trainer:

A program for teachers, educators, and facilitators designed to deliver more focused training on how to teach.

SOP Training:

Perfectly designed learning program to train personnel on Standard Operating Procedures.


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