How can Video-based Learning Enhances Sales Training

The sales team is the most critical aspect of any organization, and you need easy-to-deploy effective learning solutions to keep them informed. Thanks to advances in video-based learning, sales training can be more effective than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of video-based learning for sales training, and how it can help your company achieve its sales goals.

What is video-based learning?

Video-based learning is the new normal.

As our world continues to digitize, so do our learning and working methods. In today’s world, we spend a significant amount of time watching videos. This could be anything from recorded lectures to informational videos to video-based training. It is an instructional method that uses video to deliver learning. This is easy to implement and engaging.

Why video-based learning?

The average person can process information 60,000 times faster when it is presented in video format than when it is presented in text format. Our brain processes visual information more effectively than text and retains it for a longer period of time.

Spending time effectively becomes extremely critical for any sales team. It is imperative for learners to be able to access information such as Sealing skills, product knowledge, etc., whenever needed. And with the paucity of time, it becomes critical to distribute learning content in a way that is affective, engaging and easy to access.

Here comes video-based learning to the rescue.

Microsoft has found video a potent force for reducing the cost of training. The company’s internal video portal has become the go-to substitute for some in-class training and smaller events. According to the company’s own estimates, the video portal has reduced the costs for classroom training from approximately $320 per hour per participant down to just $17.

Video-based learning for sales training

A huge number of employees do not work behind a desk. Currently, 80% of the global workforce, or 2.7 billion people, are desk-less workers (Emergence, 2018).  

Sales representatives or retail associates on the shop floor do not have access to a dedicated computer for watching training videos. For them, if the trainings can be delivered on a mobile device it would genuinely serve the purpose.

Video-based training is rapidly changing the learning ecosystem. Organizations across the globe are adopting this cost-effective method. Sales teams are getting benefitted from various Video-based learning modules in a number of ways.

First, it allows salespeople to learn at their own pace. They can pause, rewind, and repeat sections as needed until their understanding is clear.

Second, it acts as a ready reckoner as and when needed.

Third, it gives organizations the ability to reach a global audience in an easy and effective way.

Fourth, there is no learning curve when adopting this method. As a result, it is easy to implement throughout the ecosystem.

Fifth, an easy explanation of complex sales methodologies makes it engaging and cost-effective.

Adept with Video-based Learning with IdeaptDigital

At IdeaptDigital, we help learners learn more efficiently by using engaging storytelling that creates learning experiences that last for a longer period of time. This affects the performance of the sales team and the profitability of the organization.

Our team of competent Learning Experience Designers follows our 4D (Dig, Define, Develop & Deploy) methodology to help organizations to maximize their sales potential. To design customized learning solutions that fit our clients’ needs, we work closely with them to understand their pain points.

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